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Fear and Loathing in Post Apocalyptic Amerika.

The future, after the genetic experiments of the great Doctor Patricia R. Durham, leaves all women on the planet with snakes instead of hair, and the unique and terrifying ability to blind, and even kill, a man with a simple stare. The birthrate is at an all-time low, the population dwindles, the world's governments are all but disbanded.

A girl walks across Amerika without a destination, documenting all she finds. Who knows? maybe eventually, she'll find herself.

Paperback, Audiobook, & Ebook!

After The Revolution. Anarchy reins supreme, there are no laws. Society is splintered but somehow holding together.

The Comm Techs. "Commies" for short. They run all the communication in the world, exclusively by radio and a device known as the Konsole. The commies don't socialize much; they just broadcast information, and monitor it, and archive it.

The New World. One commie, up on her mountain perch, alone, spends her days listening to broadcasts, archiving information, and maintaining her radio tower. And then one day, the daily broadcast doesn't come. Radio silence. And it's up to her to go find out why.

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Aran Mylo, a simple alchemist and monk, is compelled to go on a disjointed journey through a troubled fantasy world in order to search for her long lost teacher, Procyon Camelopardes.

Away from the solitude of her own cottage, Aran Mylo finds herself in the company of a court fool, a mysterious bard, two opposing queens, religious rivals, and spies. It seems that no one she meets on her journey is who or what they seem to be. But then again, neither is she.

Paperback & Ebook!

The year is 1947. The American Union has won its war against Japan, and forged an alliance with the Fuhrer's European Reich. But Natalie Ferris-Brunet has personal problems to deal with. She awakens on the floor of the men's restroom in the posh Liberty Hotel, and can't remember the last four days. And stranger still, a mysterious nightclub singer tries to start an architectural revolution. A marble statue comes to life.

Police detective Joseph Meyers takes her unusual case and it leads them both down a path of conspiracy, extortion, and intrigue.

The Night That Souls Were Lost is an alternate history noir story about art, reality, existence, life, social responsibility, architecture, city design, and happiness. It will re-define how you see your world, and how you choose to construct it.


An atmospheric, experimental album inspired by Private Property and Revolution Radio.

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