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A few years ago, Fat Chance Lester got a high paying gig in Guatemala. They were to be guests of the state, they were to play for people everywhere on the biggest Guatemalan tour in the history of rock. They boarded a cruise ship to journey to the fine South American country, intending to pay for their passage by playing covers of popular songs for the evening dances. Of course, it wasn't long before the crew discovered that Fat Chance Lester didn't know any popular tunes, and the band was told that they would be dropped off in Miami.

Unfortunately, the band was not dropped off in Miami and they proceeded South. Their route took them through the Bermuda Triangle, and it was there that the band met their untimely fate. As with so many brave souls who ventured through that forbidden zone before them, Fat Chance Lester has never been heard from since.

It has also been theorized that their trip was a hoax, a mere excuse to retire early in the Caribbean, where they're eating Jerked Mushroom Burgers, snacking on beet root, and chilling to cheap reggae all day.

One point of contact is, therefore, the editor and multimedia artist bringing you their music: Klaatu. His contact information is available via his podcast, the Gnu World Order.

Just before departing, the band also swore to Klaatu himself that if at all possible, they would monitor the gmail address monmynet if at all possible -- whether from some hidden refuge in the Caribbean, or from the Great Beyond! Email them, if you dare.